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August 15th, 2022

In-Home Nursing Services Vs Long-Term Care Home

When the time comes to place your parent or loved one in senior care, it can be a tough and emotional decision. After all, you want the best care for your family that you can trust and rely on. You’ll need to consider the cost, the type of care suitable for your loved one’s situation, and of course, your loved one’s requests.

In Alberta, there are a few options available for senior care, including in-home nursing services and long-term care homes. We discuss these two options in more detail to help you make an informed decision.

In-home nursing services

As the name implies, in-home nursing services are offered in the comfort of your parent’s home. A professional care provider visits the home and provides services, including:

  • Nursing care – administering medications, diabetic management, postoperative care, ongoing support and more.
  • Personal care – Wellness visits, personal hygiene, companionship, arranging transportation.
  • Housekeeping assistance – Cooking, laundry, light cleaning.

In-home care can be customized to the client’s needs. While some may only require nursing care, others need assistance with laundry and meal preparation.

One of the most significant benefits of in-home nursing services is that individuals preserve their independence for as long as possible in the comfort of their own homes. Most seniors prefer to stay at home in familiar surroundings, which has a positive impact on their mental health and overall well-being.

Long-term care home

Often referred to as a nursing home, long-term care is a place where seniors can live and receive 24-hour help. Long-term care homes provide:

  • Physician visits onsite
  • Continued 24-hour presence of a Registered nurse
  • Recreation staff for leisure activities
  • Already furnished rooms

Long-term care facilities are ideal for individuals with complex and unpredictable medical needs. It’s often the ideal choice for those who can no longer live independently and require 24-hour monitoring.

How to choose the right type of senior care

Every individual has different needs, and the right approach depends entirely on the person’s current health conditions and medical requirements. Choosing where to place your parent or loved one in the care of a professional requires research and time. If you’re here to explore your options, book a free consultation with us, and we can provide you with more information about in-home nursing services.

At Umbrella Home Care, our certified nurses come to your home for a full assessment to understand your needs. None of our in-home care programs are set as we want to ensure your plan is completely tailored to you. You will have the opportunity to speak with a nurse about the type of care you need. Whether you decide to go with us or not, the first consultation is always free.

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